Paintings, prints, digital 

About 10x10s

This project is aimed at introducing my art to the crypto world, and a learning curve for me into NFT and crypto mechanisms.

These are digital paintings, no scanning or physical paint or canvas is used. They are based on a visual language I developed over 35 years ago at art school in London.


1. There will be 100 total, released in batches of 10.
2. They will be square format, 2096×2096px.
3. There will be a keyline cross in all iterations which appears in black or white.
4. The starting point for colour will be a random hex.
5. Each will be unique. No duplicating or simply inverting colours to make new variants.
6. They will be published as 1of1s only.
7. Each will be numbered – usually bottom left.
8. Each will have a translation of the word ‘kiss’ in a non-english language.
9. Once all 100 are sold there will be a limited edition ‘combination’ print showing all 100. Primary buyers will have the right to a signed print.*
10. Number 100 might be special.
11. First batch will be launched on February 14th 2021. No particular schedule planned. But the project should take 2-3 months.

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A note on pricing

The first 3 batches will start at 0.15eth. I will trial one batch on a dutch an auction format, as an experiment. (This is all a learning curve). Following that the price will rise incrementally by ~0.05eth for each subsequent batch of 10 subject to supply and demand.

Kit used

- Ipad Pro v1
- Apple Pencil
- Remarkable 2 Tablet
- Macbook Air
- Procreate app
- Affinity Designer
- Affinity Photo
- Affinity Publisher

* There might be a print/postage charge, dependent on production method.